Eddie Fann is the Principal Software Developer at Beowurks. With degrees in chemistry from Duke University and the University of Texas, he started work in the Urethane technical service division at Texaco Chemical's Austin Research Laboratories. While there, he began developing software applications for Texaco's Urethane customers. Once Texaco sold this division to Arco in 1987, he transferred to the IT department and began developing software programs full-time. After Huntsman Corporation purchased Texaco Chemical, he remained with the company until 2003 when he left to run his own software development company, Beowurks.

Since 1985, Eddie has developed or co-developed, maintained and provided customer service for over 50 custom software applications for Huntsman Corporation, Texaco Chemical Company, and others. He has extensive experience in creating data warehouses and database-driven applications that use PostgreSQL, Microsoft® SQL Server, FairCom® Server, MySQL®, Oracle®, Apache Derby, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, and Borland®'s Paradox®. His most recent projects involve GIS (geospatial information system), spatially-enabled database servers and Google™ Maps API.

Eddie currently works on Federal IT projects and specializes in practical solutions to expensive problems.

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