Useful Links



Ajaxload: Site for AJAX loading GIF generator.

Barcode-Superstore: Site for various information on bar codes. Site for creating boot disks to reinstall legal copies of various operating systems.

CNET: Product reviews, consumer reviews, hardware reviews, etc.

DNS Servers

DNS Lookup: Lookup the DNS information for various domain names and IP addresses.

GRC's: Password haystacks - how well hidden is your needle (password).

Linksys Static IPs: A good article on assigning static local IP address to one of your computers.

Ookla Speedtest: Another good site for visualizing your Internet connection speeds.

Openclipart: The project's slogan is Openclipart is the largest community of artists making the best free original clipart for you to use for absolutely any reason.

ProcessID Home Page: Site for identifying processes running on the PC.

ScanmySpeed: The ScanmySpeed Internet connection test checks the actual browsing speed of your browser and internet connection.

Speakeasy Speed Test: A visual test of your Internet connection's speed. Technical editorials and information on Internet connections and supercharging the PC.

Time Warner Cable RDC Bandwidth Speed Test (Texas): Site for testing your line speed.

SSL Check: Scan your website for non-secure content.

Time Warner Cable Road Runner Block Lookup:Use this form to see if your mail server's IP address is currently being blocked from sending mail to Road Runner customers. Performance Test: Site for testing Internet connection speed.

Troubleshooting Windows XP: Site for diagnosing and finding tweaks and fixes for Windows XP.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Site that verifies or debunks all of those Internet rumors.

ZDNet: Computer news and reviews.