Softoxi Award

Our relationship with the data we store on our computers is not unlike that of a marriage. A lot of hard work is put into creating and maintaining a base from which we can build what we hope will be a lifetime union. Everything can seem to be going great, then one day you come home and find that your data has just up and left you - no note, no explanations, just gone. Think of BeoZip as a prenuptial agreement between you and your data. A guarantee that if your data leaves you tomorrow, it will not take with it everything in which you've worked so hard for so long to accomplish.

BeoZip establishes this security by providing an easy, straight-forward method for you to backup your important data onto a medium of your choosing, in a format that works best for your situation – hourly uncompressed backups of your entire system on a dozen TB drives, or super compressed weekly archives of a single folder stored on a CD-ROM or USB flash drive.

There are no schedules to keep up with, so you don't have to be sure to leave your computer on until 2am every Tuesday night, or worry about conflicts in the middle of an important process your working on. The timing and scope of repetitive backups are completely in your control and on your schedule, powered by the click of a single button.

In short, BeoZip provides you with peace of mind, knowing you data-relationship will grow and flourish for as long as you want. And best of all – there are no lawyer fees.

- Ronny Roland (