Have you watched reality shows like Hoarding: Buried Alive? The show follows people obsessed with collecting and storing physical items while ignoring the personal and social consequences. After examining the persons and their lifestyles, therapists and professional organizers help the hoarders to manage their illness.

So, think of Windows as the house and each of the software applications as a hoarder. Each application stores all kinds of files in temporary locations and refuses to delete them for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, we can't really get into the minds of these applications. BUT, you can get rid of the megabytes and gigabytes of temporary digital crud . . . merely by using Trash Wizard!

Trash Wizard will dispose of those worthless temporary files, no questions asked, in the greenest way possible. No judgment, no mental health labels, no insurance forms.

For those applications that hide their bytes in hard-to-reach spots, Trash Wizard offers search tools to discover and dispose of these rogue files.

Your computer will run faster and cleaner with more space for your stuff! Only keep your praise to yourself: Trash Wizard already has delusions of grandeur, you know, being a wizard and all.