PolyJen predicts chain-growth polymerization (specifically oxyalkylation) reactions while minimizing expensive laboratory experimentation. Rather than constructing polymers in a laboratory and consuming chemicals and time, one can just use this application to determine the results of mixing monomers with a specific initiator.

PolyJen Pro has now been merged into PolyJen. The license for PolyJen has been changed to the Eclipse Public License 2.0. This EPL license applies retroactively to all previous versions of PolyJen.

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PolyJen uses the open-source libraries from JasperForge' JasperReports, David Gilbert's JFreeChart and Beowurks' BeoBasis.

We've moved the source code to GitHub: https://github.com/efann/PolyJen. For previous versions of PolyJen, visit the project page on SourceForge.